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BP and Hubspot CRM accelerate growth for the industrial market

With more than 11 years BP has continuously supported the growth of its clients providing  technological and marketing solutions. That´s why in february of 2020 BP start a partnership with Husbpot, one of the most innovative CRM to supply a new business tool to increase the results of its strategy.

Hubspot CRM  has become a digital multi-tool capable of not only organizing but also managing the information of the companies with their current and potential clients. For this it has achieved excellent results regarding interactions and company sales through its different digital channels, whether they are social networks, web sites, emailing, etc. 

"This alliance helps us to brinda the best service and develop commercial strategies that are focused on the brand recognition, experience and value proposition, generating leads of business, allowing better communication between the possible clients and the companies" said Andrea Parada, Business Intelligence Manager of BP.

Teamwork between Sales and Marketing department  is an essential element to achieve effective results that allow a real scaling up  of b2b companies.