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Electromobility, key factor for the mining of the future

For some years now, Chile has taken the lead in the application of electromobility in the mining world. A commitment that has been taken seriously, with a view to having a more sustainable industry aligned with caring for the environment.

There are many benefits of incorporating trucks and electrical machinery in the works. For example, by replacing diesel engines in heavy vehicles with electric motors that run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells, the carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

We must not forget that mining companies have two powerful ways of supporting climate change: Through the production of copper used largely by sustainable technologies; and through the decarbonization of its value chain. Extra reason to add electromobility as an action to achieve the different challenges that the industry presents today.

On  the other hand, the Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) began using electric buses in its daily operations for the transfer of workers in 2021, a first step to, in the future, adopt 100% electromobility.

Likewise, this year Minera Antucoya begins the construction of the first "electrolinera" on site, in addition to operating logistics contracts that include the use of clean energy as a way to promote the objectives of the 2030 climate agenda, as well as the Climate Change Strategy of the Mining Group.

As we can see, electromobility is advancing steadily in the industry, this being the year 2022 when SQM launched the largest electric fleet in the National Mining Industry, and also plans, together with Enel X, to bring the first large-tonnage electric truck to Chile. called "E-truck".

In conclusion, sustainability and more conscious environmental thinking is already an unstoppable reality. And this is why we know the market, that at BP Global Group we have been concerned with providing the industry with specialized support to achieve the most ambitious B2B objectives.

Because we understand that today the planet thinks green and as such, companies need allies that communicate their values and advances to the entire world. That is our commitment as a Marketing agency, to be the support that our clients need.